What is Quality Medical Research?

Quality Medical Research is a clinical research center located in the Nashville metro area. We are dedicated to conducting innovative clinical studies addressing a wide spectrum of common diseases. Our primary mission is to provide access to healthcare by offering affordable medications and treatments that meet the needs of patients from diverse backgrounds. Whether you are a sponsor for clinical trials, a potential participant, or an industry expert, we encourage you to discover more about our organization.

Clinical Trials

Explore the forefront of medical innovation with Quality Medical Research's Clinical Trials section. Engage in cutting-edge research opportunities aimed at advancing digestive health treatments. Join our pioneering efforts in shaping the future of gastroenterology care.

Clinic Trials

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common concerns and inquiries about digestive health at Quality Medical Research's Frequently Asked Questions section. Find solutions to your questions about symptoms, treatments, and procedures in an easily accessible format. Take charge of your health journey with comprehensive information and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Research News and Media

Stay informed with the latest developments in digestive health through Quality Medical Research's Research News and Media section. Discover insightful articles, informative videos, and breaking news covering the forefront of gastroenterology research. Empower yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions about your health.

Research News and Media


Patient Resources

Empower yourself with valuable patient resources designed to support your digestive health journey at Quality Medical Research and Digestive & Liver Health Specialists.

Meet Our Team

JLindsey Robbs

Lindsey P. Robbs, LPN, CCRC

Clinical Research Nurse

Phone: 615-835-4738

Colin Spence

Colin Spence, PharmD

Clinical Research Assistant

Phone: 615-832-5530 ext 180

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